Saturday, 9 July 2016

Great new craft forum - introducing My Makes

I'm very happy to reveal that I've been appointed one of the moderators for a lovely new crafts forum called My Makes. It's a friendly community for all crafts and I hope you will join us and make new friends and share your own makes.

I have also done a tutorial for this banner birthday card, made from scraps of paper and Washi tape, and will be working on more tutorials for the forum in the future.  Hope to see you there!

Banner birthday card

Scented Strawberry Sachet

I made this little scented strawberry to hang in my car but it would also make a cute scissor keeper or pincushion.  It's published on the Fiskarettes UK FaceBook page.

I cut a semi-circle with a radius of 8 cm from red felt, a white flower and a green leaf and calyx.  

I sewed yellow seed beads randomly onto the berry, then with right sides together sewed the side seam to make a cone shape, rounding the bottom so the shape wasn’t too pointy. 
I filled the berry with toy filling, and inserted a cotton wool ball with a few drops of pot-pourri refresher oil, then gathered the top edge with a running stitch. I then stitched the opening closed and attached a loop of ribbon to the top of the berry.  

I added veins to the calyx and leaf with two strands of green embroidery silk, snipped a small hole in the centre of the calyx to pull the hanging loop through, then stitched the calyx and leaf onto the strawberry.  I sewed some larger gold beads to the centre of the flower and attached it onto the opposite side to the leaf.