Saturday, 13 July 2019

Printing with shaving foam

Some Artist Trading Coins I've made for an Artisan Design UK challenge. The marbled background is made using shaving foam printing (the challenge theme) and I've stencilled Sparkle Medium on two and glass bead gel on the third to make waves using the Laurel Burst mask from the Stacy's Garden Collection. 

If you've never tried printing with shaving foam you really should give it a go - it's very easy and it makes the craft room smell wonderful too!  All you do is spray a good layer of shaving foam into a tray big enough to take a sheet of paper, drop some inks or paints on top and swirl it with a stick to make a marble pattern, lay your paper on top and rub the back gently, peel it off and leave it to stand for about five minutes, then scrape off the foam and reveal your print.  Keep going with the foam, you can add more paint or ink as needed and gets loads of prints in one session - just make sure you've got enough room to lay them all out to dry.  I used the shower squeegee to scrape off the foam but you can easily do it with a scrap piece of card.  The only thing I had to buy was a cheap can of shaving foam, as hubby has a beard!

After covering the coin blanks with the paper I added stencilling with Sparkle Medium and glass bead gel to add a seaspray effect, using a mask from Artisan Design's Stacy's Garden Collection.  The pattern is actually laurel leaves, but it's such a versatile design it can be used for all sorts of effects. The dolphins and turtle were from an old calendar, the orca is a sticker, and I finished off with some eyelash yarn and some handwritten words.

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  1. Your ATCoins are beautiful, Carolyn. I love the marble effect with the shaving foam. I got as far buying some cheap shaving foam ages ago, but haven't taken the lid off yet! Thanks for the inspiration to have a go at this technique. xx