Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Flow-type journal cover

I turned a 20p hardback book from a charity shop into this cover for a flow-type journal.  Once the pages were removed I gessoed the cover and added some torn scraps of book paper, then used three colours of my brand-new Brushos to colour it purples and blues.  I really enjoyed playing with the Brushos and plan on trying out some more techniques soon.  I stencilled the front cover with an alphabet stencil and the back with the Daisy Burst stencil from Artisan Design.  I used matt gel through the stencils and once it was dry highlighted it with Diamond Starlight Wax and added a beaded dangle to the spine. 

The inside was lined with an off-cut of wallpaper. As it's going to be a flow-type journal, which will hold papers, envelopes etc. for the recipient to use in her own journal making, I decided to use elastic cord to hold the contents in. I made an inside spine and tied the elastic round that so it wasn't visible on the outside and trimmed it with Washi tape.

Here's the finished journal, stuffed full of goodies!