Tuesday, 10 February 2009

3rd Jewellery Challenge

This is my entry for the third jewellery challenge The theme is "Hearts or Red" and I have combined the two in this netted seed bead necklace. It sorely tried my patience when I was making it but I am pleased with it now I have finished. It is a pattern from my jewellery class from a couple of years ago, by Gillian Ashwell. I will be wearing it on Valentine's Day!  It's also entered in the seed bead challenge on the Crafts Beautiful forum.


  1. wow, this is gorgeous - so intricate, looks like it must have taken you ages.
    Love it!

  2. wow, that is stuning Carolyn, it will look gorgeous on valentines day..


  3. This is so beautiful Carolyn! You really must have patience :) a simple spiral rope takes it out of me he he

    Good luck!

    Aims x

  4. such a absolutely amazing make, i can’t get over all the pretty red hearts you have worked into the design.

    Carolyn and you will look stunning wearing it on valentines day.

    Good luck in the challenge

    Sarah x