Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A lucky few days

I have been incredibly lucky in the last few days - I was given a prize by Maroulita for entering her "What's Cooking Challenge!, I was one of the winners in Artyme's Seed Bead Challenge and then to cap it all won a prize in the Cupcake Challenge (all on the Crafts Beautiful Forum), which included some super Stampin' Up stamp sets and ink pads, papers, card blanks and a Cosmic Shimmer spray set.  And I have been given so many wonderfuk RAKs by the lovely ladies who took part in the February card swap too.  I didn't think I'd need to purchase any crafty supplies for months but couldn't resist an eyelet setting tool when I popped into Penco in Hitchin this morning for a piece of felt and the Docrafts mag.

Oh yes, and I also got a refund of the upgrade fee I was forced to pay when I stayed in a hotel in London last month!  I was a bit early for check-in so was sent away for a couple of hours, but when I came back all the non-smoking rooms had gone so I had to go for an upgrade.  But now I've got my money refunded - so it pays to complain!  And I get a free upgrade next time I stay there too.  Let's hope the fire alarm does not go off at 6 o'clock in the morning next time - one drawback to being on the 7th floor was having to go down and then all the way back up all those flights of stairs with my coat over my nightie while still half asleep.

I also bought this month's Sew Hip magazine after Sarah sent me a skirt pattern from a previous issue.  I want to get back into dressmaking and sewing again.  There's a gorgeous long corduroy jacket in there that I fancy having a go at but I think I'd better go gently with my rusty dressmaking skills at first!

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