Friday, 5 February 2016

Recent Birthday Cards

December and January are busy months as most of my family have birthdays then (myself included) and several friends too!  Not forgetting Christmas of course.  The reason I started making cards in the first place was the lack of good cards in the shops at the very time I needed plenty as the card shops seemed to assume nobody ever has a birthday near Christmas...

An easel card for Mother-in-Law's 90th birthday

This was for one of my sisters' 50th birthday; she's a brilliant knitter.  I cut a circle from card and wound it with a lovely cerise boucl√© yarn and made the knitting needles from kebab sticks and buttons

I made two similar cards as two photographers had birthdays in January.  The camera is made from silver and black card, I made my own templates for it from looking at pictures of vintage cameras.

And last but not least a bouquet of flowers for my own lovely Mum's birthday

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