Monday, 28 March 2016

Heart Bunting for the Fiskarettes UK design team

I made this shabby chic heart bunting from some scraps of fabric and felt, stranded embroidery silk, ribbon, toy stuffing and some heart shaped shell buttons and flower trim.

I drew ten hearts on the fabric using the 3 inch heart from the Fiskars Hearts Shape Template.  I used a vanishing pen on the right side of the fabric but you could also use a pencil on the reverse instead.

I cut the shapes out with pinking shears allowing a 0.5 cm seam allowance outside the drawn outline.

I used the 1.5 inch heart template to draw 5 hearts on blue felt and cut them out using straight scissors, without leaving a seam allowance.  I blanket-stitched them onto five of the fabric heart shapes using three strands of pink embroidery silk.  I stitched a heart shaped button onto three of the hearts, leaving tails so I could tie the thread in a knot through the buttons.  The other two hearts were decorated with a strip of flower trim with a couching stitch.

I pinned the decorated hearts at regular intervals onto the ribbon, alternating between buttons and flowers.  I then made a sandwich with a little of the toy stuffing and a plain heart behind each one, pinned the edges together and used three strands of pale blue embroidery silk to sew them together along the 0.5 cm seam allowance with a decorative running stitch.  Just before finishing sewing round each heart I stuffed it more firmly with additional stuffing.  Then I made a loop on each end of the ribbon and stitched it with matching cotton to make hanging loops for the bunting.

You could also make individual hearts with a ribbon hanging loop at the top, or even add a little dried lavender to the filling for a drawer freshener.

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