Monday, 28 March 2016

Easter Bunny Egg Cosy

The template for the body of the egg cosy is a 10 cm square with the top corners rounded off.  I drew an oval ear shape and a smaller oval for the inner ear.   TIP – fold them in half to check they are symmetrical and trim to adjust if necessary.  

Fold the square of felt in half and put the bottom of the template on the fold to cut a double shape for the front of the egg cosy and repeat for the back.

Draw a bunny face on the template, transfer to the front piece and stitch a satin stitch nose, backstitch mouth and long stitch whiskers.  Sew the buttons on with matching sewing thread.

Cut four ears from white felt. Back the pink fabric with fusible web and cut two ear linings, then iron onto two of the ear pieces and slip stitch with pink sewing thread.  Blanket stitch the backs of the ears to the fronts with white embroidery thread. 

Fold both main pieces of the egg cosy in half and pin together, then blanket stitch through all four layers of felt to make a double thickness cosy. 

Slip stitch the ears into place and decorate with a length of flower ribbon round the base. 

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