Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A not very quick "quickie"

I thought I would whip up a quick pair of earrings, using black diagonally pierced frames and lilac foiled beads.  Quick, ha!  I wanted some black seed beads to fill in between the frames and the lilac beads, so I got my seed bead box out and all the black ones I had were too small and pulled through the holes in the frame (as did the headpins), so out came a box of mixed black and metallic grey beads in a variety of sizes and finishes.  Which I opened upside down and spilled all over the table (and floor).  Twenty minutes later I had picked up most of them, only to find that the small beads were too big to fit.  Eventually, after realising the head pins were too short and having to find some longer ones, I put a small bead on the bottom, then enough bugle beads to balance the lilac bead centrally, and a facetted bead on top.   Something that should have taken 5 minutes to assemble took about an hour, and I still have to pick the rest of the wretched beads up and sort them out into their compartments again.  Aargh!  Still I am pleased with the end result at least.

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